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Mobile App Testing

mobile app testing

A mobile app is tested to ensure it meets all specifications, whether a native or hybrid app. A variety of multi-device checks, screens, operating systems, and internet access are included in this testing. Even though mobile emulators are widely used for testing applications, they don't cover every aspect. At Webcloud, we test apps only on real devices. Successful mobile testing relies on the use of the best testing system available. So, it's better to get the assistance of a company that specializes in mobile app testing, which understands the different processes and gaps. Offering a wide range of mobile app testing solutions, Webcloud helps firms build trust in their mobile apps.

Which are the parameters that we consider when testing mobile apps?

  • Different operating systems and devices are available
  • Dimensions of screens
  • Check behavior with charging and low battery devices
  • Monitoring app behavior with incoming calls and SMS
  • Landscape and portrait testing